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Lots of military deaths this week

Today Commons talk goes around The Strikes planned next week, in the Educational System...The Government are against, the Opposition are for.

Youth Unemployment is the second Agenda posed by the gets REALLY nasty!

We go back to the Strikes...and the Prime Minister accuses the leader of the opposition of supporting the strikes due to where his funds come from...the Trade Unions who are organizing such strikes...apparently 86% of his funds... and all the Torries go "Ahaaaaaaaa" "Under the last labour Government it was about 56, so this is the ONLY thing he has improved since the time of Gordon Brown"

Some woman Minister bollox the Prime Minister about women in...or out The Prime Minister tells her where to go

The Government have given the Councils of England the ability to freeze council tax...but Brighton and Hove Council are refusing to do that and plan to raise the level of Tax. When this is put before the Government, the Prime Minister claims it is the decision of each individual council. Even his own party members cry "shame!"

The Government want to introduce Judicial Laws to punish the act of "Stalking" They also attest that the Localism Act should give locals more say in the new housing developments being planned. Their is a shortage...but also a nasty tendancy for some not to want new estates appearing all over the place.

A Minister talks about how lessons have not been learned from the Northern Rock Building Society issue, and how the bank is now being sold off.

Enterprise Zones are next to be discussed

A Pension Stakeholder collapsed last week, and some people have just lost their life savings. a Minister appeals for an urgent Enquiry to prevent other pension funds tanking. The Government replied that there was a Westminster Hall Debate on the subject, but he is open to offers of further investigation

A Minister who covers land which is used by two military bases is really unhappy at the Ministry of Defence cuts to the Police safeguarding these bases. These Bases store Nukes.

Who Knew that the Arab Spring would threaten to distroy Thomas Cook Holiday firm. Its teetering on the brink of obivion as noone wants to go on holiday to these newly liberated countries anymore

National Health Service Figures show Cancer Deaths declining. A minister wants an appology for the Conservative claim that the NHS was incapable and should be privatized. The Government refuse.

The War Memorial dessicration is dispikable...and ministers want punishments and laws written to protect them.

They end with a cheer for Children in Need...a National yearly campaign for Charity
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