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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
hope it all works out .. your parents are pretty nice for going through all of this for you .. i think you should make a video blog for them and tell them how much you appreciate it
The financial side is actually what they would give to me were I to get they are still spending the same on me as they would on my sisters...except, I am not getting married This is from savings I presume they have been growing for three decades

The dealing with business as my Representative is because my Fathers work allows him to be contacted by phone throughout the day and deal with stuff...My Mother teaches, and I am it kinda falls to him to sort everything out...Thankfully he is quite an extreme J he has no problem with being organized and sorting this out...I have to say though...I am VERY impressed with the speed and level he is working at...Since the Conference call last Wednessday...Every Single Day there have been developments (Barr Sunday obv)

If you want to see my Father....he is VERY proud of this video indeed...I believe he has played it many times on my Mother says

YES I do now know what I shall look and sound like when I'm in my Mid 50s...bit frightening isnt it
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