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Originally Posted by matthughesfan21 View Post
Revenue sharing is the issue, and they missed about half of the 98-99 season

The sticking point is the players received 57% of league revenue on the previous collective bargaining agreement, but the owners are offering a 50 50 split at best and the players don't want to reduce that much. But the thing is, 50% would still be one of the best deals in pro sports
You are leaving out some key elements.

1)The players came down to like 52 or 53 % because they understand the economy has changed since the last CBA. That roughly came out to something like a half a billion dollars.

2) The 50-50 deal offered by the owners wasn't REALLY was based on certain criteria being met, and the truth is over half the owners did NOT like the deal and didn't want the players to take it. The 50-50 deal and it's "deadline" was just a tactic by Stern and the NBA. They knew that wasnt gonna fly.
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