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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
What are they squabbling about now? Didn't they just go through a lockout not so long ago? Do they really care as long as they have the cushion of their millions to wait each other out. If it wouldn't end up hurting all the regular joes that are already hurting enough who work the games and depend on that income, I would love to see the fans come together and lock them out.
It does seem silly when we think about it in terms of "millionaires and billionaires" arguing over percentages, but I stand behind the players in these situations. The players are the millionaires, not the billionaires, so they can't wait it out too long because the owners have much deeper pockets. The players are also the ones who make the product much more marketable to the fans, especially in the NBA where one or two star players can be the difference between a championship and low end of the totem pole. The players deserve the lions share in my opinion, and I said that about the NFL lockout, and I've said it about professional fighters for years.

Guys who get paid max deals in the NBA make in the area of 20 million bucks for their salary in the highest paid year of their contract, but those stars (Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Howard...) bring in revenue for their teams that FAR exceed that, and I mean FAR....There are reports that say Kobe Bryant has brought the Lakers around 100 million dollars in extra revenue in just one year. That is absurd.

The owners need to be saved from themselves in the NBA, and some of these markets just shouldn't have teams to be quite honest. Basketball is not the same sport as Football, and we will never see the parody in the NBA that we see in the NFL.
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