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The first danger this week will be the 10% chance of being Gazumpted

Basically I have oral acceptance...but until we progress slightly, there is a space of about a week where anyone interested in the property prior to it comming of the market, may wish to place a higer bid.

its terribly unethical, rather rare, and extremely unfortunate, for if it were to happen, we do not have the funds to enter a price war. 86K is our final offer...if someone appeared and place 87K for example...we'd be through.

We do know there was one other prospective buyer who viewed the house after we did, but before we put in the offer. Now the owners have aggreed to remove the house from the market...but if these people left their details, they will be told first thing on monday that the house is no longer available...thats the dangerous point...thats when they could try to gazumpt

I pray it doesnt happen, coz I have my sights set on that house...and its a low possiblity as people dont tend to wait around...had they desired the house they should have already placed an its unlikely...but for the next week, its the possibility that could screw me out of a I gotta mention it
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