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"We put safety measures in place for sports like auto racing, football, hockey and MMA in an attempt to limit injury and ward off death."

No...we do that to make it acceptable...sometimes it is the risk factor itself that is whats exciting and thrilling...and in order to take risks there must be a real sense of danger. Rules in violent sports were introduced for reasons of Morality, NOT reasons of explicit safety. Or rather, Safety was forced upon athletes due to moral reasoning.

Tell me...if you die doing something you it really a tradgedy?

As long as humans have walked the earth, we've attempted to go higher, farther, faster. We've pushed limits. We've walked the edge of what's possible, knowing that only the result will determine when we've gone too far.

The truth is, most of us have only dreamed or watched. The limit pushing is usually done by a small elite in whatever field of vision the boundaries are pushed. There is however a proposed thought from the Philosophies of Fredrich Nietzsche, that states that the true goal of ANY person is to become their full potential, as defined by what is beyond the full potential laid out by Society. Each person should do as much to "become" as they possibly can. Nietzsche, says that when someone reaches the point of "becoming" they are Super Men...the Germanic word is "Ubermensche" which is better because Uber doesnt just mean kinda also implies BEYOND...a moving of the boundaries that is lost in the English Translation. Nietzsche...says we basically go beyond men. This has been taken in many different ways...a lot of his contemporaries took this to mean sensation seeking. Pushing the boundaries in areas like sport, or the sexual for example. Some people, like Adolf Hitler tried to define a caste system based on the ideology that the Ubermensch can be a litteral race of men. Both missed the point that this Philosophy says that every human being can have their own, individual, and unique becoming...the goal of every man, is to surpass himself in some way.

UFC president Dana White likes to say that fighting is in our DNA, and he's partly right, because survival is the basest human instinct, and what is survival if not a fight?

Its slightly more complicated then that. The base instinct in the case of Aggression and Violence, is not survival. Survival techniques tend to be based on adaptability, and not fighting at all. If you fight a change, you stand to looose all as much as you stand to gain. If change comes upon you and you adapt, you survive without the risk. Survival isnt usually linked to risk taking for obvious reasons.

However, one of the drives we used to survive was the ability to hunt for food. The emphasis is not on the food for survival, but on the hunt. On the excitiment, the training for skills, the rewards of participating and bettering others hunting also. We no longer need to hunt for food...but the drive connected to hunting is still in evidence...Mized Martial Arts is the latest in a long series of progressions over the course of the last two thousand years...I suspect one day it will reach the litteral height of Rome again before Morality steps in and shuts it down. But it will return, because it is an ingrained need, a primative instinct.

sometimes the only thing that saves us from the worst possible outcome is a little bit of luck.

Absolute Bollox. There are other Forces that if invoked can prevent bad outcomes. I often pray for fighters that I support...not for victory...but for protection. I am sure in some circumstances serious damage could have been done, that maybe didnt happen due to those prayers...or the granting of those prayers by GOD through the Host.
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