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I am still showing marks from the various strikes I took during the "Welcoming Party"

At the end of the test, I had to go against all of the Certified Instructors. All I had to do was survive. If I dropped my stick, back off from the fight, or cussed. The test was over.

3 days of testing, came down to about 15 minutes.
The second guy that gets up during the first video is my instructor.. he went at me HARD!!!

Some of these instructors.. I have never met before. And each one has his/her own "specialties", and it can be seen. I had my knuckle busted wide open... and I could have quit... and maybe gotten away with "hey I am hurt".. but I didn't want to go that route...

I did very well.. I was invited to test for Certified Instructor this coming August. I have to come up with 24 of my own personal techniques.. the instructors that you see me with.. demonstrated some of theirs on me.. The next vids you see from me.. will be of me.. doing the best I can, to join their ranks.

Semi Advanced 10-11-12 and Gauntlet

Gauntlet Part 2

Gauntlet Part 3

Gauntlet 4 Plus GM Tobada

Q&A and Promotion
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