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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
still if i were ranking them, i'd put rich above .. rich was a champ and defended .. forrest, not so much .. plus i don't think anyone can put past the memory of him during and after the anderson fight
I aggree.

I must admit I am bias though. I have had tonnes of email correspondance and indeed met Rich Franklin...whereas although I supported Forrest Griffin during the Great Schism of 59...I have never had correspondance...never met him...and whilst I like the way Franklin thinks, and writes about stuff in deep and thought provoking blogs...I have not seen anything from Forrest Griffin that I can connect with really. Also I like Franklins Video blogs on his cooking and rehab

I cant say the same about Forrest Griffin...though I suspect he might be right up their with Mike Swick in terms of video interaction.

I Aggree with the fighting argument...but that was kinda an after thought if I was honnest. I didnt even know Forrest Griffin was from Ohio...after all...they dont even speak with a similar type of accent. Rich Franklin sounds normal...Forrest Griffin sounds really strange to me...though understandable (which is more then can be said for some LOL)
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