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Default Bleacher Report Name Matt Hughes Best IL Fighter

in case there was any doubt

Incidently it does mean that anyone from the Chicago Area has been rulled there is a very reasonable amount of fighters from that State

The blah says:

Illinois is considered one of the best states across North America as they produce some of the greatest fighters in the world.

The state of Illinois is currently represented by welterweight Matt Hughes who is considered to be arguably the greatest welterweight of all-time.

Illinois has also produced lightweight scrapper Clay Guida.

Poor Clay Guida...always second best

Penn took Hawaii....They selected Dominck Cruz for the hotly contested California...Ben Askren got Iowa but Tim Sylvia, another MFSer got Maine, Sean Sherk got Minnesota despite the steroid scandle of the last decade, Frank Mir got the hotly contested Nevada, Carlos Condit won New Mexico, Spencer Fisher, yet another MFSer got North Carolina. They gave Brock Lesnar south dekota which is a bit of a pharse to be fair, and much though I love him, considering how Virginia is a hot bed...I dont really think that Brandon Vera should have been given it.

But they bloody snubbed Rich Franklin by giving Ohio to Forrest Griffin instead
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