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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
I don't know where you are from but where I come from nothing is worst than quitting on yourself! If your idol BJ is the warrior/prodigy you claim he is he wouldn't have quit. I don't see how you think its better to believe that he quit rather than to say he gave it his all and was unable to continue (was Stopped) because of the pounding GSP gave him by laying and praying on him like you anti-GSP haters like to call it
A few things you need to know.

1. I never said quitting was better. However, quitting is what he did. I call it how I see it. It's a 100% fact, he quit.
2. I never said I idolized BJ. I don't idolize any fighters.
3. By saying "anti-gsp hater", you're in fact calling me a supporter. I've said countless times, I respect GSP as a fighter, as I do all fighters, and I've been a big fan when he was exciting.
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