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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Do you think he died from prescription meds?

He didn't. He died from a medication that was administered to MJ through an IV. A medicine that is used to knock people out while you do a short procedure (because it doesn't last long). Or it is used to keep people in a drug induced coma on a continous drip. A drip which is carefully monitored and titrated accordingly as needed. Someone had to keep giving it or it was left on. Basically, the MD was allowing the medicine to drip and LEFT it.

That medicine should NEVER be given outside a hospital setting. It is most certainly NOT a prescription medication.
That means MJ was hardcore!

Honestly, I'm probably the biggest MJ fan around here, but I have no qualms in somebody saying the dude was messed up. Conrad Murray may have had a responsibility to monitor Michael, but MJ knew he was killing himself. The sad part is he probably didn't care. Normal people don't need those drugs just to get some sleep.
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