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Default Matt featured on UFC on FOX preview

Out in the arena, a video is shown to hype the fight before Hughes'. A fighter says his opponent "is going to feel like he was pulled down to hell tonight and has a demon on top of him, tormenting him."

Into this scene, perhaps the least likely place for a man of Christ, strides Matt Hughes. And an odd realization occurs: In this place of decadence and depravity, in this sport that's taken over boxing as America's most violent and most extravagant, the thing that might make a good UFC fighter great is a faith in something greater, and the infallible confidence religion brings.

The crowd goes wild as Hughes enters the Octagon to face the younger, faster Josh Koscheck. Hughes' t-shirt doesn't read "Deathclutch" or "Affliction" like other fighters, but instead has two Bible verses: "The Lord our God is one" and "Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy ..." The rest of the arena is bathed in darkness, except here, where hundreds of spotlights shine down.

And before the bell sounds and the fighters touch gloves and the spectacle begins, Hughes prays the same thing he always prays: "Your will be done."
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