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Originally Posted by 3dlee View Post
yes, dave. we celebrate with fireworks on july 4th. and its not likely that the people of England would celebrate this holiday

i still have dial up so i cant watch videos. what is England's fireworks day celebrating? or is it that yall dig fireworks so much that theres a holiday just for them?
in the year of our lord 1605 King James I sat on the throne of England. He was the first King to be King of both Scotland and England, although not United at the time, he was sat on the Scot throne when Elizabeth I died leaving no heir, he was next in succession, and by default became King of two entirely separate nations.

On November the Fifth the King was to be present with the Chamber of Lords at the Palace of Westminster for the State Opening of Parliament. King James was a Protestant and the first Protestant to reign since the Reformation which had started under Henry, been Reversed by Mary, and then been Finished by Elizabeth, was over well and truely on the side of the Protestants.

Robert Catesby, a Catholic who had appealed to the King for Tollerance towards Romans, and been rejected, got a gang together with the ideal of killing the King at that ceremony by renting out the rooms beneith the Chamber, stowing gunpowder beneith, and then blowing the Palace up. The King would be killed, the Parliament would be in total dissary, and Catesby and his crew would install a Roman Catholic Monarch in his place.

It didnt work because someone wrote a letter to the authorities who found the gunpowder and Guy Fawkes who was guarding it, the night before the event. The lines of enquiries led back to Robert Catesby who ended up in a firefight with local authorities at his stately home.

Those who survived paid a visit to Tyburn. (actually I think they might have been executed in Parliament Square)..and many pieces
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