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We end this week with wise words from The Rt Hon Sir Peter Tapsell, who, now being the longest running Minister in the present Parliament is known as "The Father of The House" He belongs in the Lords...of course...but may well die an MP...born in 1930...he's been in Parliament since 1959 and continuously since 1966!

The Father of the House is completely normal as an MP...except, he gets to Preside over the Ellection of the Speaker. The Speaker of the House is the Chair Person, he sits on the Green Throne between the Parties...he signifies the Monarch...for if she were present...that is where she would sit..however...she is only ever present in The House of Lords...where the Throne is Golden...and the Speaker there doesnt ever get to sit on it

Mr Tapsell is the Sixtieth Father of The House of The House of Lords, they are only on their Thirteenth Father!
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