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I am just going to give a round up, rather then mention everysingle can check the videos out for yourselves

We begin with Pension reform, due to the rising life expectancy age. The Government want to handle this so its fair on those who are trying to retire but cant afford it, and those who are paying tax contributions to it.

The Government is angry with the opposition for supporting strikes on this issue planned for later this year.

The Opposition responded by asking the Government what went wrong with their forcasted growth of 0.8% which only ended up being 0.5% The Government replied that any improvement should be welcomed.

The Opposition claims the Government is shifting blame, if its not the previous labour Government, its the World Fianncial system, if its not that its Europe... they are asking about the bloody stupid pot of cash for small businesses AGAIN, for the third week running, the Opposition want to know how many businesses have received

"Order, Mr Cambell, calm yourself, the house is getting far too excited...its only six mins past, let me say, both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition MUST be heard, its called Democrasy and Freedom of Speech" shrieks the Speaker

The Opposition talks about the directors of large firms receiving outrageously large pays and bonus money. The Government is talking about bank levy. The constant diatribe is, we aint perfect, but we are better then you lot, or we are doing our best with the mess that your party left for us.

Metal Theaft is next on the agenda....there are looters who are stripping churches, rail network...and war memorials of their alloys to sell for pittance as scrap.

The Government will probably put legislation against this kind of theaft.

Utilities are rising in Ulster...will the Government reverse the fuel allowance for the elderly. The Government are trying to get the utility companies themselves to work this out.

The Government is bollocked about cutting the Chief Coroners position in the armed forces for money saving purposes.

Alister Darling...the idiot Labour Treasurer, who cares more about the Union in Europe then his own country lecturers the prime minister on how to go about the G20 Summit.

Population and immigration is next...Workers should not get citizenship automatically if they are foreign...the Government sort of aggrees. The Government has stopped the Colleges bringing in the Students to study who then granduate and never go back from whence they came.

A minority minister from Scotland asks the prime minister if he thinks that the renewable energy of Scot power, is threatened by the Nationalists plans for a Referendum to distroy the British Union.

To my knowledge this is the first time the David Cameron has had the opportunity to speak directly, if he wishes about what the Scots are trying to do. short, is to gain Independance.

Absolutely. The Government says that business links are stalling between England and Scotland until this Referendum says yes or no...and if it says No to the Union, dont expect England to reccomend cross Boarder business or financial growth

A minister wants the law tightened on dog attacks, specifically for post men The Government wants to take a personal interest in this.

"order, the House will calm down, I want to hear David Lamby" Screatches the Squeaker

National Adoption week is upon us...apparently

"Order! some people are going to burst they are getting so exciting, such a shame as its a bit of a problem for them.." decliared Mr Bercow. What Drival from the representative of HM The Queen

The Farming Industry needs help....The Government looks confused...having forgotten that we have our own food supply with all its import trades...
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