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The most Mayhem ever said at the fight announcements was "Since Team Mayhem has won the first 4 fights..." He also has never said anything negative to Bisping's fighters. Granted Neace did make himself look like an @$$hole, but that's besides the point!

I'm not a Bisping fan & this show is doing absolutely nothing to change my opinion. He's as sore a winner as he is a loser. Anytime he gets a chance, he is constantly trying to get under Mayhem's skin & pick a fight with him. Even after his guy lost, he had to lean into the Team Mayhem locker room to try & start $h!t. And don't tell me he was being professional in offering his congratulations, because he never once did that for any of the other 4 wins. He only went in there this time because he wanted to a) grandstand to prove a passive-aggressive point & b) he wanted to take passive-aggressive potshots at Mayhem to try to get a reaction.
you really like that term don't you .. LOL ..

yeah, bisping is coming off like koscheck .. i still think he is gonna whoop miller, but that is another story ... i mean, when bisping starts talking about how much more money he makes than the trainers and stuff, it's really a d-bag move ... you can't buy class with that $$ though ..... LOL
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