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Hey, I'm with you, I would love to see Matt have two titles in two weight classes too! I said I "think" it would be too low, not that he couldn't make it. If he were to choose to go down to 155 and fight, I'd be right there with the rest of y'all cheering and rooting for him.

As for GSP, it'd be 15 pounds either way, if he walks around normally at 170. I just assumed he walks around heavier and would be closer to a natural 185, but maybe not. Both Matt and GSP are very disciplined so I'm sure both could make 155.
yeah, i think matt would do real well, but he has to cut the weight, not me .. LOL ... as for gsp ... we just had an interview because everyone wanted clarification on what his manager said and he said that he could make 155 but was going to bulk at this point in his career .. at 30 he is getting bigger, so i think 185 is good for him .. and he'll take anderson out and have that belt ...
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