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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
Agreed they cant take it but they can sure dish it out

I hope Bisping knoecks him out! Although I have to admit I became a Mayhem fan with this show... He is actually pretty likable.

I know it was just sparring for Silers fight but Was It just me or was Siler Out striking Mayhem pretty good...
The most Mayhem ever said at the fight announcements was "Since Team Mayhem has won the first 4 fights..." He also has never said anything negative to Bisping's fighters. Granted Neace did make himself look like an @$$hole, but that's besides the point!

I'm not a Bisping fan & this show is doing absolutely nothing to change my opinion. He's as sore a winner as he is a loser. Anytime he gets a chance, he is constantly trying to get under Mayhem's skin & pick a fight with him. Even after his guy lost, he had to lean into the Team Mayhem locker room to try & start $h!t. And don't tell me he was being professional in offering his congratulations, because he never once did that for any of the other 4 wins. He only went in there this time because he wanted to a) grandstand to prove a passive-aggressive point & b) he wanted to take passive-aggressive potshots at Mayhem to try to get a reaction.
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