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man i totally understand your dilema. My day starts around 4:30am and it's 8:30 before i'm, "ready" to eat. Loading down your desk with snacks is a great idea and granola bars could be fine. Just read the labels and find the best ratio of carbs to fat / sugar. most granola bars have the nutritional value of a snickers bar so keep that in mind. I use that as a justification for eating a snickers bar every once in a while .

However a while back my trainer took over my diet and has me carb loading first thing in the morning with oatmeal, or whole wheat bagels etc. taking vitamins and then eating every couple hour straight thru to my evening workouts. Then for dinner we hit the protein hard. The first few weeks were very hard and the breakfast would even make me throw up butttt. now i cant imagine missing breakfast and my performance and weight loss have increased a ton!

some snacks i keep on hand - fruit, veggies, bagels, ginger snaps, low fat whole wheat crackers, oatmeal, nuts, dried fruit, cottage cheese and of course a snickers bar. Only buy one snickers bar at a time or they will get eaten to fast.

have fun and keep up that morning walk!
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