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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
So reading recently that Matt's weight cuts are easier these days losing only a few pounds on weigh-in day, I am wondering if he has ever thought of making 155 ... There was an interview the other that where Firas (GSP's trainer) said the GSP is closer to making 155 than competing at 185 ... it must also be the same for Matt .. i don't know if a weight change makes sense at this point in his career, but if a title shot is in the future, it may ...

maybe we'll hear from the big guy his self
I find that hard to believe. Could this be Georges and his camp's way of trying to avoid moving up to 185 and fighting Anderson by saying he's closer to 155 than 185? What prompted Firas to say this...was there a question asked, or did he conveniently slip that tidbit in?

Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I don't ever want to see Matt cut to 155 pounds, not even for a title shot. Of course, I'd support him 100% if he did make that decision, but I hope it never happens.
I agree, I think 155 would be too low a weight for Matt.
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