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Default Young boy wishes to join Girl Scouts

i didnt think this qualified for the "politics" section so imma drop it off here...


summary: this 7 year old boys parents are trying to make the Girl Scouts accept him because he's "transgendered". and theyre being very successful

my opinion: okay, look. just because your little boy isn't all that "manly" yet doesn't make him transgendered. he hasnt even hit puberty yet. if his parents didn't nurture, or possibly even start these ideas, he would possibly grow up to be a normal masculine dude. but now, its gonna be tough for him. and the girl scouts really should reject him. looks like they are gonna accept him, though. if boys can join the girl scouts, why are they seperated at all? this whole story was so outlandish that I had to share it.

in closing: my dad would have ridiculed me so hard if i even asked to do anything remotely this... dare i say... "gay". this world sure has changed a lot in my 24 years.

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