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Originally Posted by CHITOWNHUGHESFAN View Post
This is going back a little bit. I just wanted to see the post fight 117 when Chael lost to Silva. How Chael acted and what he said post fight.So I can see how he took the loss ect.. Didn't realize he went to the main post fight . Well I just watched it on Youtube. Low and behold Matt was sitting next Chael the whole time.Every time they ask him a question you can see Matt's face. I was looking for a reaction to Chael answers by Matt. But Matt has a very good poker face. Was not able to read it. I wish they had a mic in Matt's head during those questions. I sure he had a lot to say...... Did anyone read something from Matt about it?
I think Matt was still in shock from the Hail Mary Triangle Choke That Anderson Landed at the last minute of the fight where he was completely outclassed by Chael Sonnen... Hell we were all in disbelief it was certain Chael would be the New Middle Weight Champion in the biggest upset in MMA History...... Except for J.B who apparently knew the whole time that Anderson would beat Chael Regardless of Chael Laying the Smacketh Down on Anderson for 4.5 rounds.
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