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So...the ministers got together and debated having a Referendum on the European Union. The Government told the Conservatives that they HAD to vote against. Several Aides resigned in protest, and when the vote took place in the House of Commons at the end of the debate EIGHTY ONE Conservatives ignored the party line and votes for. Now they lost...and they were always going to looose, because all the opposition, and the other coillition party were always going to vote against giving the public their say.

But what is that the Conservatives ignored the prime minister to give him the worst backlash ANY Conservative Prime Minister has had over Socialism and a Federalized Europe...that includes Maggie!

We begin with some announcement from the Treasury....and there is a lot of jeering as the Prime Minister stands to tell the House he is off to Europe to discuss the crisis later in the day.

A Minister asks the Government to appologise for some really off the cuff remarks about the Hillsborough disastor. The Government things that the population should be applauding them for bothering to open up the old files and place them in the public domain.

A Minister points out that the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has decided she want to revamp some of the European Treaties. He reads out a statement from a previous Deputy Prime Minister which is very anti europe in deed, and asks if the Government aggree with the statment, and presumably the way to lobby the Germans on the reform.

The Government replied that it didnt know when the treaties would come in to existance or what they would entail, but without aggreeing to the quote, did say it would be a chance to explore Soverignty issues.

There was much rejoycing as the Opposition took the stand

The Opposition asked the Government if it aggreed that as well as the economic crisis financially that involves emphasis on austerity, whether at the European Summit he would push an agenda for economic growth in Europe also.

Basically...No. They need to focus on the financial, yes growth needs to happen and be discussed, but at other summits.

The Opposition says its all very well putting in to place long term measures for growth in europe...but that they need an immediate growth spurt. He claims that the prime minister hasnt really been busy at all with europe...but busy rather with those in his conservative party who decided to rebel against him at the Referendum vote.

The Opposition says that the Government has promised to repatriate powers from Europe. He wants to know which ones, and when.

The Government rolls its eyes and claims that it has already bought a power back. Thats the exclusion from England, directly, as a source of bailout money for other countries (the indirect monies from England continue) he notes with a wink that it was the Opposition in Government that gave that power to Europe in the first place.

The Opposition points out that the Deputy Prime Minister (head of the liberal democrat side of the coillition) said a day after that the Government had no intention of reigning in the powers of Europe...So which is it?

The Government reads a Quote from the Labour Party saying that Europe doesnt have enough power. The Government claim the Opposition is thus being hypocritical

The Opposition says its no wonder the Conservatives revolted over the referendum when the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister do not share the same view on Europe. Which one speaks for the Government.

The Government repeats that it has regained some soverignty but will not give a yes or no response to which leaders ideal are to be acted upon. Instead he reads out a statement where the Opposition was asked if he wanted to join the Euro Currency and the Opposition had replied "it depends how long im prime minister for"

The Opposition ignores him and says at meetings to do with treaties what specifically will be the Governments position when everyone in the cabinate is saying completely different things

The Government replied it was a good job that the Opposition wasnt in power, or else the meeting tonight would have been about a discussion for a financial bail out for the British!

The Opposition accused the Government of leading on its conservative members with promises of more soverignty from Europe, when the coillition aggreements wont let those promises happen with the liberal democrats.

The Government say Labour is all about joining the Euro and about spending more money in a time of austerity.

Speaker calls for order.

A minister wants to know if that growth fund has helpped anymore businesses since the two that were mentioned last week

The Government replied that 44 of the 50 bids last week were successful

Rugby are building houses in the towncenter to try and help the highstreet, shouldnt the Government give its endorsement to such policies asks the minister for Rugby

Sort of. The Government would like more houses, but also for them to be managed locally

A Minister claims one of her constitutents was murdered, and would the Government please send its condolences and ask the general public to help with enquiries.


A druggy driver killed a woman and got only eight months but he was released after four. Would the Government meet with the victims family who are proposing a new package for the judiciary. The Government is of the opinion that druggy drivers should be treated like drink drivers, and yes they will meet with the relatives and look at their suggestions for the judiciary.

A minister calls for a review after the Bank of England bollocked a local bank for "Quantative Easing" which apparently rips off the tax payer. The Government said that crime is crime and should be investigated and prosecuted if required.

A Minister points out that the austerity measures have hit the Citizens Advice, and although there is funding for another year..will the government make provision for it following that. The Government doesnt know at present.

Sheffield University celebrates ten years. Will the Government sends its regards and highlight the importance of manufacturing....The speaker cuts him off feeling his examples are drifting on, and on, and on, and on....

The Government is doing its best in that area.

Another question about funding for disadvantaged school children is asked. The Government claims to be working on that also.

A downing stree report was leaked claiming that survays show women are more negative about the government then men. Why does the Government think that could be...and it was asked by a female minister

The Government thinks its because of the spending cuts which are effecting the household budgits. The Government says it is trying to help women with supported nursaries and the likes

Planning permission has been given for an industrial incinerator for waste (there is also one planned for Knaresborough....) the population responded to the enquriy and said they do not want it...and yet they come. The minister says that there is small print allowing for a Government intervention and would the Government show the people that unlike the opposition ( ) the Conservatives care about local values and opinions and do something to help them.

The Government says its responsible for upgrading the planning permission system...but that difficult decisions must be made. It falls short of promising support in this matter.

A Minister says that the Government claimed it would cut financial aid to any african country who wouldnt support gay rights. Why wont the Government threaten to cut aid for Religious persecution from the same countries against Christians??

He asks. Do Hedgehogs have more rights then Christians

The Government says that all things are taken into consideration where giving financial aid....

Eastborne is having major success with apprentiships, shouldnt the government endorse this approach to work. Yes...and the Government doubled the funding for apprentaships

The Government respond to a quirey about an announcement due from the Judiciary over fixed determined sentances. The Government said it was a travisty that people get out of prison early. Time to stop that.

How can the Government help females to start there own business...asks another bloody female minister The Government states processes, although these are for anyone wanting to start a business...not just a female

...We're back to Hillsborough again. A minister asks the Government to call upon the police to be more transparent regarding the disastor. The Government says it doesnt know about the police papers, and so will look into it.

A Minister asks the Government to show some gratitude for Forster Care. The Government grant the request.

A minister points out a cross party report on youth gangs was promised and hasnt shown up. When will it be available for viewing. "When we are ready for the report, we will make it" Repiled the Government angrily

A Minister asks for the Government to recall how it is helping people with flexible working plans. The Government blahs on the issue of flexible working plans.

The Austerity cuts have hit westminster police and the PCSO rate has dropped by two thirds. A Minister doesnt know how the Government reconcille this with the knowledge that the public want a more visiable police force.

The Government has full confidence in the Mayor of London to manage to make difficult decisons regarding cuts and still keep a perfectly good police force in the capital.

Is the Government enthusiastic over the localism bill...and does the government agrree there must be local accountability with the freedom given.


A Minister accuses the Primeminister of a Utern over Hospital Closures, claiming that he was against them whilst as Opposition and doesnt care now in power.

The Government told the minister in question that the Government were expanding HIS he can hardly talk can he

A Minister congratualates the Prime Minister on the invention of "Free Schools" which are basically run by a conglomerate of parents...

A Minister accuses the Government of doing political deals over the future of the NHS whilst not disclosing these in debates about the Future in the House. The Government gives examples on how the NHS has been improved...but ignores the question

A Minister calls for reform of the SEN in Schools involving rehabilitation over punishment ...Yes...but Justice is more important at present

Speaker closes Questions for today.
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