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The NY Times hates MMA and I hate the NY Times

I really like this part:

doctors cannot stand by while violent fighting tournaments are allowed to take place. Large amounts of money can be earned by participants, promoters and others linked to ultimate fighting but no amount of money can compensate for permanent brain damage and premature death.

Doesn't brain damage and serious life threatening injury happen in most contact sports. Look at Kevin Everett from last year he had a life threatening spinal cord injury, or the football player from the lions in the early 90's (i can't remember his name) and how many times has Troy Aiken suffered from a concussion until he could not play anymore. We know if you get to many concussions you can get permanent brain damage. And that can happen in football, boxing MMA, curling or any other sport.

The point is these granola eating tree huggers have it out for mma when in fact there is serious injuies in all sports.
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