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As if I don't already have Neezar at my throat, here's the next installment of Dodson's blog!

My boy, Diego, lost it pretty good this week. He got mad at Siler, not because he was pissed off at him but just because another week has gone by and he still hasn't fought yet. Diego is hating the house and is ready to fight, just because he wants to let out some frustration. Siler wanted to fight Diego right away, but Mayhem had a different plan in mind from the start.

Mayhem found out that I was the one that was giving up the fight picks to Team Bisping, so, to change it up on me, he wanted to let Dustin Neace fight Akira this time around. I knew I was going to get caught sooner or later, but I was hoping that it would be later, not sooner.

The night before the fight announcement, things got a little crazy. A whole night of pranks went off and I couldíve been the peacemaker -- the one that stopped this all from happening. However, they are all full-grown men and they were going to do whatever they wanted to. Iím not here to be a babysitter, after all. I knew this night would be crazy as hell.

Neace swaggerjacked Josh Ferguson by getting himself a cowboy hat and telling everyone that he had always wanted one. It was one thing that he was wearing it around the house, but he didn't have to write a giant B on the hat just like Josh has on his. Josh was fed up with it, and the night before fight picks, Josh got Neace's new hat and took a dump in it. He left it outside for him to find, trying to make sure that his message was sent and received, loud and clear.

On this crazy night, other peopleís belonging were being messed with, as well. Some of them had Tiger Balm added to their deodorant and butt wipes. One room of guys had butt wipes, and the guys thought it would be funny to see and hear them scream in the morning after using the tampered butt wipes. Their toothbrushes were soaked in salt, too.

Thereís prank that was played on this night that I canít wait to see. I have a strong feeling that it will make it into an episode pretty soon. You wonít want to miss it.

The morning of the fight picks, Neace is thinking that it was Akira that took his hat and crapped in it. He took everything that was his and just wrecked it; everything he could find, he trashed. Even in the dressing room, he trashed everything all over again. He had flipped his lid and just couldn't take it any longer. I say good for him, because he was taking a lot of crap from everyone.

Dustin is that nice dude that means well and never wants to talk crap to anyone. No matter what was said in the house, he could always smile and turn the other cheek. For some reason, he just hated Akira. You have to hand to him, though, because when Dustin rages, he doesn't care about anything except ruining your life.

So at the fight announcement, everything just came pouring out. Mayhem let Neace get his fight, but he was ready to fight right then and there. He couldn't wait and just doubled-legged Akira out of nowhere. Akira defended it and then Neace threw up a submission. If that didn't make it bad enough, Mayhem and Bisping were going to get into a fight right there, as well. It was cool for me, though, because I love a good mini-riot.

In the first round, Neace found his range and was trying to get a hold of Akira, trying to end the fight. Akira actually followed him down, which was a bad move for Akira, because this crazy heel hook was thrown up and Akira was about to be finished real quickly.

Now, I saw it then and I saw it again: Akira tapped out. There is no doubt in my mind that he did. Akira, you're my friend and all, but you tapped out. Marcus will disagree with me and say that he saw some mosquitoes. Heíll say he watched Akira kill those mosquitoes, and it wasn't even close to a tap. Marcus, you know that it was a tap and you don't want to look like me and go against your team, but just call it like you saw it and just agree with me.

After the heel hook, round two was back-and-forth. Toward the end of the round, Akira dropped Neace with a left hook, which pretty much sealed it for him. I feel bad for Neace; he won that fight and shouldn't have been bounced out of the tournament like that. But Neace is a strong fighter and will be back in ready to win to his next fight in the UFC.

Now Bisping has control of the next fight pick. This whole time, Iíve been trying to set up one fight for myself. Maybe next week, Iíll finally get it.
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