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County Mike
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I had the benefit of reading this before watching so I could look for a few things.

The tap: Wasn't what I would call obvious, but it looked like he started to tap, then changed his mind. If Neece (or whatever his name is) released the hold because he thought Akira tapped, it's his own fault. Wait until the ref stops you. I'm not saying crank it harder to blow out the knee, but maintain pressure until you know it's over.

Miller's advice was better than Bispings. There were times when he was just saying "You need to get up" but several times he gave more specific instructions on how to get up. I heard him talking about creating space with the knee, turning into him, higher guard, etc. That type of cornering is MUCH more useful than just screaming "Get the F- Up!".

I'm also surprised the judges didn't have that one round each and go to a third. Well, from what I've seen from judges, I'm not really THAT surprised. I had it at one round each.

The prank was so basic, I can't believe Miller fell for it.
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