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Originally Posted by matt hughes View Post
cub fans famous last words.........Next Year! they use it every Oct.
And, just what is wrong with being eternal optimists?

Here's the reality with the Cubs....

If the media would relax and let go of the "Billygoat Curse" and the fact that the Cubs haven't seen the World Series since 1945 and haven't won since 1908...they'd probably win one.

I think that this stigma surrounding the team creates so much pressure for those guys that they play so tight whenever they get into the playoffs. It's definitely what happened in 2003. They got so close and then ended up choking. And, no, it wasn't Steve Bartman's fault. Would Moises Alou have caught that ball? Probably...but, that doesn't negate the error afterward and it was only Game 6, anyway.
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