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Both coaches needed to control their teams better, but what I don't understand is why Bisping suddenly got in Parsons' face & started jawing at him. For a guy who's usually so wild & crazy, Mayhem did a good job of keeping cool, I thought. He bodily lifted Akira off, but then instead of holding him in a bear hug, which could have caused Akira to fight back to get away, he quickly eased his grip & once Akira relaxed, he let him go completely. Then after seperating Parsons & Bisping, he stood there as Bisping flustered & fumed. He then quickly was able to laugh it off, finish the selection & move along. Even as Bisping tried to pick a fight with him ("It's our training time, get the f*** out", chasing him down the gym, yelling & screaming at the top of his lungs), Jason just simply walked away with his team.

The fight looked exactly like the previous four, except this time blue was on top instead of orange. The one difference between the way the two coaches cornered the losing fighter is that Bisping would yell "GET THE F*** UP!!!", whereas Mayhem would actually offer technical advice "We need to grapple here. Use that knee to push away & stand up." While the goal was the same, Michael did nothing to help his fighter get there. As someone who has competed multiple times, having a coach tell you "Get your guard back" is really frustrating when you're being smothered in side control. Having your coach then break it down to, "Turn into him, get your shoulders & hips off the mat. Block the cross face. Drive your knee in. Now hip away & make space." makes a world of difference.

Bisping's team definitely did great with this prank.
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