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The Prime Minister begins by telling the house of another Military Death, this time a Ghurkah.

A Minister asks if the Government has remembered the annerversary of an Unemployment March about thirty odd years ago...and does the Government realize the economical climate now is exactly the same as then.

The Government says that the numbers of workers in the public sectors decline is they are working on increasing the private sector.

A Minister thanks the Government for a joint venture with Canada on renewable energy in marine...what will the Universities do to help with this. The Government replied that they would be helping with the climate secretaries guidence

The Opposition Brings up The Defence Secretary, his unofficial advisor and dodgy is possible the Government is telling porkies about not knowing this was going on?

The Government replied that on hearing about this an investigation occured. The Government actually applauds the MOD head for recognising his faults and resigning...and points out that in politics that doesnt always happen does it...pointing the finger back at the opposition.

The Opposition tells the Government it should show more humility...he claims that there is a network of individuals funded in an illegal manner, and connected to the Government Cabinate itself. He claims the report produced doesnt tell us all this information...Can the Government state whether any other heads are engaged in this type of filth?

The Government lists a number of Labour Scandals in response to the request for humility.

"If you're going to jump on a bandwagon, make sure it's still moving" Screams the Prime minister at the opposition

The Opposition replies that the Government has a repetative behaviour of not asking tough questions about its members and then claiming no knowledge when scandles break.

He then reads a quote from the Prime Minister about "being the change" and asks how this can be reconciled with the past three months thats seen the spin doctor for the Government arrested, and the Head of the Ministry of Defence resign out of shame.

The Government replies "You're Just a bit late!" indicating the Defence Secretary has already gone. Its old news.

A minister asks considering the amount of instability in the financial market, isnt it great that the Government are still committed to reducing our debt. The Government says Yes. The Government says listening to the opposition would add 21B to the debt...which he called "Freak-o-nomics"

A minister talks about a how there has been collusion in the murder of a man in Ireland, and that they have their doubts as to whether the British Government can get to the truth, considering it might implicate those now in political office in Ulster.

The Government understands the skeptics, but the intent is there, and that the Government will find the truth and if needs be appologise

Cheltenham Council have built more council houses, the first for two decades...does the Government think this worthy of congratulations? The Government says absolutely...and dont worry, the greenbelt areas targetted by privates will be limited.

A Minister wishes to thank the House for its support in the ongoing investigation into the Hillsborough Disastor. The Government have promised to release all documents pertaining to the disastor hidden by Maggie...even if it implicates their party in a cover up and false pushing of the blame onto the populas. Will the Government bring those people responsible for the tragic day to justice after twenty two years? The Government implies a past enquiry probably dealt with the problem. so. in short. No.

A Minister thanks the Government for the instigation of a day to honour the Military who are wounded...apparently next week...and would the Government congratulate those schools who plan to celebrate it with fundraising events? Yes the Government will.

The Opposition says that unemployment and inflation is the worst its been since the last conservative Government. Does the Government think they are doing the correct thing? The Government quibbles over the figures, but blames the International Markets for the extra problems...but there would be no need to raise VAT if the last labour Government had not overspent.

The Opposition says that the plan is not working, and asks for numbers on flagship opporations designed to improve growth in small businesses...the Government stalls and faulters a bit in responce

The Opposition has the figures...apparently, only two businesses in sixteen months...and in that time sixteen thousand small businesses have gone bankrupt...

The Government points out he neglected to mention three hundred thousand NEW small Businesses in that time. Where is the oppositions plan? to add more then 200b to the debt by the end of the Government!

The Speak tells the house to STFU and listen.

The Government says its the Opposition got us into this mess in the first place.

A minister accuses Nottingham police of failing to help a woman mudered by her partner. Would The Government aggree that the police must all do best practise to help women in need.

A minister blames the Secretary of Education for the decline in College enrollment due to the UCAS for Colleges collapsing how will the Government put this right. The Government say the figures in some places are rising, and the new replacement insitution will have to do

A Minister fears that the Energy Companies are working together to stop competition and the lowering of rates. What is the Government going to do about this? The Government replied that it was turning the clock back to set up a pooling by which the new competition can grow. It is pointed out the abolition of this pooling was done by the Sec for The Opposition himself

Will the Government support Some biofuel thingy. Maybe, the Funding is still available.

A Minister says the Government should learn not to meddle around with insitutions so much, like the National Health Service. The Government says...yes, if they can cut costs for central or local governments.

A minister says that if the Government truely believe that all those who carry knives should be gaoled...then how come they dont dare do this for the forty percent that are below the age of consent? Because its about prosecuting the adults.

A Minister reccomends the Prime Minister call for a Referendum on the British being involved in the European Union. The Government says No...but that the Conservatives do want to lay restraints on Europe, particularly being forced to give up powers, or be involved in big money transactions.

A Minister wishes the Government would reform the Honours list to better reflect the Nations support of the war dead. The Government says that meetings will be held to review the possibility

The European Union are trying to take driving liscences away from diabetics a worried minister complains, who was under the impression it was the department of transports descretion...can the Government please clarify. The Government will investigate, because the Department of Transport is also seeking clarification from Europe.

The BAA is selling Edinburgh Airport, will the Government recognise how important these airports are for Scotland and do something about listening to the airports that want to devolve passenger duty.

One idiot suggests that to get the best from schools we should force them to Federate...something the last labour Government tried and screwed up! The Government says there is a possibility for it.

Greater Manchester have a problem with their emergency services...the Government says they should increase spending to help.

A Minister wishes the Prime Minister to come to huddersfield and open something paid for by a new Conservative initiative, so up yours Opposition.

A minister says the Governments Knife initiative is not good enough and should cover children also

Can the Government support the Speach Therapists campaign for language. Yes The Government will.

...and we're back to the Ministry of Defence AGAIN. A minister would like a list of all the people, on the international circuit who were deceived. The Government tells the Minister to read the report.

The Government assures ministers that there must be safeguards about fiscal union with Europe.

Finally a Minister asks the Government to make all think tanks display who they are funded by so we can better see their bias.

Yes...that includes those funders of the Labour Opposition also

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