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Personally I hope you fight once more, if not for any other reason then that you get to retire on a win...not that its needed...but because it would be the perfect capping point.

However, obviously it is your decision and I dont think anyone can blame you if you or the UFC decided that it was time to move you on to an administrative post within the institution. I can absolutely understand that it must be a bit of a nightmare for your Wife...after all every time you fight there is the potential for you to be seriously hurt...and seeing someone you love get hurt even if its fleeting and momentary is not very nice...I think as fans we tend to forget that the fighters choose to do this sport and the corner men know what they are getting themselves in to...but the spouses and the children have little choice, they too are subject to all the prepatory sacrifices, and they also are present with the jitters and the nerves and the anticipation every time their is a competition. We must not begrudge them for wanting out...even if we staunchly dissagree

...and when I say we should remember the Spouses...I am not simply refering to Audra Hughes...there are a number of Females who stand behind some of the fighters, Some of them are not very old either...and they do get completely side swiped by the fans...if they are known at all. Rosie Vazquez for example, or Jen Paleszewski, or Valerie C to name but a few
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