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(Ugh…they interlaced the promo…probably for fast action or because everyone does de-interlacing wrongly these days. :P )

When I counsel younger guys who are checking out a woman, usually with their hormones shutting down all thought processes, I toss them a few questions to try to think about. Basically, “do you think you can glorify God better with her as a partner/helper? How so?”

In your case, juggling the farm, kids, providing for family, and possibilities for ministry/community… WHat set of options on your plate work together to Glorify God best? (It's a rhetorical question.) Funny, my pastor is reading a book with the college kids. I love the long subtitle about random verses etc. Mine is in the mail, but it was recommended

Keep praying, man. I hope the question helps. Thanks for the boomer link & God bless.

Hab 2v20,
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