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On the day teams were picked, I was sweating hard. Honestly, I was trying not to be on Michael Bisping’s team. I know that he won “TUF” and that two guys he coached won “TUF,” too, but I was trying to have fun. Being on Mayhem’s team seemed like more fun, and it seemed like I would learn a lot from him and his coaching staff, too. They were picking teams and Bisping wanted first pick. Immediately, I was thinking in my head, “Oh, crap, he’s gonna pick me first.”

He sounds like an arrogant ass to me. And he is not trustworty. He can say it is all about self in there and not teams but he is still a traitor. He also defends his deceit by saying that it didn't matter that he gave secrets to the other team. Then why do it? Just because it didn't effect the outcome, that doesn't change your intentions.

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