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Default tuf 14.04 ***SPOILERS***

2 more wins for Team Mayhem. Once again, Bisping just yells "STAND UP! DO WAHT I SAY!!" whereas Jason gives very specific instructions in a calm, measured voice "OK, bring your head back to center...thread your right arm out...posture up & hips in..."

It seems clear that Mayhem & his staff are much better coaches than Bisping, Tiki & Co., and I feel like a big part of that is that Michael's arrogance is getting in his way. After he lost, Bass asked to speak to Bisping one-on-one about something, and rather than even consider that Bass might have some constructive criticism for him, Michael immediately puts him on blast in front of the whole team. Bass tried to deal with the problem in a mature manner (if your brother sins against you, go and speak to him in private), but this wounded Bispings pride so much that he had to grandstand for a captive audience to "prove" how amazing he was. What was his team supposed to do, disagree with him & incur his wrath when they're still waiting to fight???
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