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here's the same vid

anyways, i thought it was hilarious last night, but i think i was in one of those moods..... i hadn't been in one in a long time, where i was just laughing like crazy, even though, like i said, the voiceover isn't exactly my style, i just about didn't watch it, but after a few seconds i kinda got hooked and the end was hilarious

people feel sorry for the dog, which i am sure is fine, but they really would have hated to see the dog go over and shred that little fawn

anyways, it's not bad if it wasn't for the f word, but they have to do that to keep it so legit

and i totally wouldn't have watched or found this vid, if my uncle hadn't posted it on facebook,

them crazy uncles will corrupt ya know

flo, this prolly didn't happen to far from you across the border, I am not sure what part of washington you are in, but this is cranbrook bc canada, the title of the vid, in case they remove it again is cranbrook deer voiceover, but the vid without the voiceover is all over the place too, and it is perfectly innocent and amazing as well

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