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Lovenox is one of my specialties. We do the studies to find out of women have clotting disorders and then dose them with lovenox for their pregnancy. I teach patients about it several times a week and teach them how to self inject. Did they give you the speech on how to prevent bruising with the injections? You'll bruise some, but we give a whole segment of education on bruising tips. If clotting runs in your family, you will probably have the markers for it in the blood tests. Sorry you had to find out with a full blown DVT.

And Kim should get a nursing degree if she is at all interested. It's pretty good job security. People will always get old or get sick, even in the bad economy.

Actually they didn't. They just told Kim to inject it like she does my copaxone for the MS. I actually have a pretty nasty bruise from where the VA nurse injected my last shot yesterday before I was discharged. Is there somewhere on the 'net I can find that info?
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