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Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
You are being evicted ??!! Why is that? The birds?
Nope I am not being forceable Evicted yet...that will depend on how bad the war with my Landlord goes. During the first Granville War he threatened eviction...he hasnt dont this time yet.

I promised myself I wouldnt spend another Winter in Granville because ive been ill across the last two christmas and am sure its because of this place. My parents have been trying to get me on the property ladder for the last year and a half, with part buy part rent....but the Council wouldnt really support me, and then there were issues with securing a mortgage.

So now I'm just going for another rented accomodation. My Birds are part of the deal for accepting me My landlord generally leaves me alone until the house is full of people, and then he turns into an idiot coz he has more money coming in...course as soon as they move out, he shuts down...thats how the First Granville War ended...he caved in when everyone else moved out and he was suddenly dependant on me for making any income off Granville!
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