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I feel like a pin cushion! I just got out of the hospital today. I began to experience excruciating pain in my left calf last Friday, and it began to swell. I finally went to the ER, and the doctor said it looked like a blood clot, so they sent me to have an ultrasound. That showed nothing (small local hospital). The next day it was unbearable, so I finally went to the VA emergency room, and they found a large blood clot in my lower leg. I'm not sure how the other hospital missed it, but the VA docs said it could be life threatening.

They said it is most likely related to my immobility due to my MS, which causes the blood to pool in my lower legs and tend to clot. Now I'm on blood thinners indefinitely (cumadin and lovenox). I have to avoid everything that may involve accidentally getting cut, scraped, bruised, and the potential of falling. I also had a partially collapsed lung with some fluid in it from being too sedentary as well, although that sounds strange to me. I get 3 shots every day now. Kim may as well go ahead and get a nursing degree, lol.

The VA is also doing some kind of genetic study to see if the propensity to have blood clots could be inherited with me, because my mom and grandmother had them as well.
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