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I went to Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, NM and it was a bit different in the way it was set up. For one, there was no large building that all the students used. it was actually a series of smaller, specialized buildings that were spread across a large hilltop. For instance, we had the library building that was set apart from the administration building. All of the foreign language classes got their own building, as did the math and science classes All Physical Education classes and most extracurricular sports took place in a large gym complex. As the number of students in the school grew they had to supplement most of those buildings with "portables" which were basically just a series of trailers stuck together under a patio style roof. I think all of my English and Social Studies classes were in the portables.

As for the demographic of the student body, it was 80-90% hispanic, about 10-15% white, with African-Americans and other minorities making up the rest.

Our school mascot was the Demons and our school colors were old-gold and navy blue.
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