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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
1) GOD placed the water on the earth. All that melted comets nonsense is an attempt to explain the existence of the oceans without GOD. Which is impossible. It's like trying to explain the existence of babies while simultaneously rejecting the existence of mothers. It simply can't be done.

2) The change to the earth's atmosphere would have happened after the Flood described in Genesis. It would have been very sudden and it's where all the water needed to cover the earth completely would have come from. If you pay attention to the lifespans listed in the geneologies of Genesis, you will see people living 800-900 years pre-Flood, then those lifespans would begin to drop off after the Flood until Abraham's time - when the human lifespan was pretty similar to what it is today.
1) Of course GOD placed the water on Earth...the question is, how did he do that? What processes following his own made laws did he use?? Did he simply allow chemicals to be present that would make rain? did he provide rain in the form of Melted Commets during the Bombardment? Its not about getting rid of GOD...its the opposite. Its the revelation of GOD in the Natural World. This is a search for Truth...and GOD says we should search for Truth...that is all Scientists are trying to do. It takes a long time for them to get to the Truth...but inevitably they will arrive at the conclusion that behind all these laws is the person who created the laws...because laws of physics didnt just suddenly appear...they are not random, they are terrifically logical...too logical to explain away as something Random. This isnt excluding is a Non Religious attempt to find him. Thats how I look at Science...thats how a lot of Scientists who are Christian think about it also.

2) There are many theories about the Deluge, about what caused it and about how it physically happened.

One theory is about a Glacial melt at the end of the Ice Age...the times approximately correct. Another theory might be the distruction of the Fermament. We DO know two things...the Deluge is not just a Biblical Reference or a theory...its a known Historical Fact according to ALL the Civilizations on the planet around at the time. Secondly we DO know that slight changes in the environment can have an impact world wide. An Earthquake can effect the earths orbit, a Volcano can bring down the average world tempriture for a anything causing that amount of flooding could have been triggered by a relatively small event...ONE Volcano called Santorini is all GOD needed to bring all the plagues to Egypt AND to momentarily dry up the entire Red Sea...we may not be looking at something as large as a Glacial Melt or a Fermament Collapse to explain the deluge...but we also know that changes on that scale, or even less can change life on the planet. So however GOD did it...we can all aggree that Things before the Deluge and things After the Deluge were as if Earth were two different Planets ecologically speaking.
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