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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
1) Yes. But did he do it in 404BC? Well thats not an absolute truth now is it

2) I never claimed anything about repuccusions. I never mentioned Repuccussions. I simply said there are some Scientists who are Christian, so dont write everything scientific off.
Of course He didn't do it in 404 BC, that's only 2415 years ago. The earth is as least 5772 years old (which is the current calculation for the Jewish calendar, starting from day 8 of creation up to today - the Jewish calendar doesn't count the first 7 days as part of it's calendar).

I'm not writing off anything scientific. I love science and I study it every chance I get. I simply get annoyed with people, especially Christians, who try to use it as a substitute for GOD. Not only does that misrepresent science, but it defames GOD.

Failing to glorify GOD in all things, including creation, is one of the ultimate sins that anyone can commit. So, if you view the natural world and fail to give 100% of the glory for that world to GOD, then you are living in open rebellion to the Creator of the universe.

Keep that in mind the next time you wonder why GOD doesn't seem to be answering your prayers or rescuing you from certain sins that you might struggle with.
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