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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I will have to look into that, because it is true that the atmosphere changes over time. You speak...and the Bible speaks of Waters covering the Sea which doesnt make immediate sence because the sea is water...But What I am really interested in is something I learned just yesterday and how the ties in with your talk of Ice.

It has been suggested that when the Solar System was setting itself up, Jupiter at one point accidently reflected another gas Giant by virtue of Gravity almost out of the system. This Gas Giant smashed into a ring of debrie around the system which was what was left of the formation of the planets, the result was to send comets of Ice ping ponging around the system.

It is thought that until that point, that the Water cycle was geared towards a cycle of Methane...which is what some other planets were left with, but that the Bombardment brought lots of commets our way that impacted, and as they hit us, the speed melted them into water. It is the idea that the water in our oceans is melted Commets. What that would have done of course is send a lot of ice and shyte into the Atmosphere for a long a nuclear winter, but one built of Ice and not ash...thus letting in the light rather then shutting it out...but still thousands of ice crystals in the atmosphere for ever until they finally fall to earth.

Does that sound like a possible way for the Firmament to have been created and then over time dissapear?

I discovered that theory LAST NIGHT and see how well it ties in with your preposition today what a Cooincidence
GOD placed the water on the earth. All that melted comets nonsense is an attempt to explain the existence of the oceans without GOD. Which is impossible. It's like trying to explain the existence of babies while simultaneously rejecting the existence of mothers. It simply can't be done.

The change to the earth's atmosphere would have happened after the Flood described in Genesis. It would have been very sudden and it's where all the water needed to cover the earth completely would have come from. If you pay attention to the lifespans listed in the geneologies of Genesis, you will see people living 800-900 years pre-Flood, then those lifespans would begin to drop off after the Flood until Abraham's time - when the human lifespan was pretty similar to what it is today.
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