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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
The Earth is special because GOD created it. That's pretty much all we need to know.

All this stuff about Mars having an atmosphere really cannot be proven. It's a nice little science fiction story, but we simply don't know enough about Mars to say for a fact that it ever had an atmosphere.

Do you really believe that scientists, who reject even the possibility of GOD, can properly examine the evidence presented to them about our universe? Either they subconsciously (or consciously) twist the facts to fit their own personal worldviews, or they simply misinterpret the evidence because they have left out the most important part of the equation: GOD.
GOD created the whole by default that makes Earth no more special then any other thing in the Universe.

I believe that Science is the Glorification of GOD in Creation, thats what I believe. Science endevours to uncover truth...sooner or later they will arrive at GOD because he is Truth. What I dont do, like you, is demonize everything, because of a few doubting individuals, and therefore write off the whole sherbang.

A lot of scientists ARE Christian...some even became Christian BECAUSE of seeing how impossible it is to get an ordered Universe like all the facts show, without design. Unlike yourself, I view all the facts for myself, and make my own decision, that means looking at Science...the first and early scientists who uncovered all the laws about physics were Christian...and they got in to trouble because they showed how GOD can not be contained anymore by religious the one you follow for example about the age of the Earth which is based on nothing more then the thoughts of an abstract following of a lineage as much symbolic in specific amounts of time, as it is in reality...thats nothing but someones world view, and silly church dogma....then it can be contained by a pure Enlightenment view that the universe some how managed to use these laws of science to come to what it has by pure statistical chance....neither are very clever Nathan.

So I examine things myself and say what I think. GOD designed the Earth to such a degree its a statistic impossibility without him being most precise...the signs are all there...we can see what happens when planets like are own are just a tiny bit further away, or a tiny bit closer...GOD is demonstrating to us that the Earth being just right, is not a matter of cooincidence...its a matter of design to an almost silly statistical point.

Anyone seeing this should think...what are the possibilities of that without some greater force. THAT is the whole idea, that you can use these signs to discover a GOD even if you are not have to bloody go through creation with your eyes shut not to see that things were MADE, they didnt just happen. Ever ask yourself why the leaves if Trees in Autumn look so beautiful?? Whats the point in that?? Beauty for beauties sake??? There is no reason why these things need to be so beautiful...and if you say its all about the structure of the dying leaf...Id ask why that structure, those building block, would just happen to form by chance to look so visually stunning...and the fact this happens so often makes it stupid to think that its not deliberately their any need for gases in a void to glow pink and green and white?? Why should the most dull of things shine so bright...the study of Science can only ultimately lead to something beyond the rules it uses by the sheer volume of examples.

But you are as bad as those who burry their head in the rules of science, by your inability to leave your own indoctrinated world view, and see that GOD is bigger then you, and Bigger then the Church...and infact bigger then Christianity and can use any tool he wants to show himself off to the world...even if they refuse to see whats really there.

They write you off as religious nutcases because you are as closed minded as those who said the world is flat, once thought to be a RELIGIOUS truth. You write them off because one or two of the loudest voices proclaim the rules above the rule maker. The two of you will never find GOD who stands between you and links you both indellably together, by virtue of the fact that he Created everything you lot are fighting over the details of.

So Scientifically Mars probably did have an atmosphere, and I outlined a way the laws of science, which were created by GOD, could lead to its demise, and I use that as a good illustration of how GOD is reaching out to those who care enough to examine it, in his own brand of Evengelism, that doesnt involve, and doesnt need you, to say to those who look into the sky "I created far more then the earth, look and see how special my Earth is by seeing all the case studies of what the Earth could have been like if I had not taken special care of its creation and moulded those very laws I created to get what I wanted at a stupid rate of probability, and try and deny that there is something guiding these laws I have revealed to you." They will seek...and they will find....and When they do...IMHO they will have an easier relationship with GOD because it wont be hindered by Church Dogma. Which is actually everything in this scenario that you represent, even though your pet hate is dogma...posts like you made make you a stumbling block to Scientists rather then an aid to get them to the point where their own findings are screaming the name of GOD to them.
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