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just think how awesome earth was when we had a firmament

if you want to study something tyburn, you should study the pre-firmament theories, they are very interesting

i have saw research that suggest the firmament was a literal frozen water forcefield around the earth. This caused the barometric pressure to be better and the oxygen to be better for humans. Theoretically in these conditions a man could run forever and never get tired. He would have more oxygen in the air and the blood cells would have the ability to absord and deliver the oxygen due to the correct barometric pressure. Scientists have discovered the effects of increased oxygen and barometric pressure and how it rapidly speeds up healing and such, they have developed hyperbaric chambers, used mostly now for treatment of burns and the bends. Increased oxygen means increased healing.

if you think about it, it would make sense that God created us in perfect form, we would have never got tired. Possibly never slept. But running and never running out of breath or cells running out of oxygen. Same theory as atheletes inhaling oxygen on the sidelines, just multiplied exponentially, and also adding the fact that correct pressure would allow the cells to absorb and deliver efficiently.

The sky would have been pink, because the ice firmament would have refracted differently the light coming through. Which scientists say pink is a much more soothing color and actually increases the ammounts of seratonin the brain produces which is would reduce anxiety and depression at the same time.

If you ever wondered why people lived to 900 years old, you could believe it in firmament times.

No rain, the atmosphere would have been different, causing a mist, not a fog.

Maybe people wouldn't have even sweated or gotten dehydrated.

As mma fans we know how pressure changes fighters endurance, just imagine a global optimal pressure and oxygen level.

I know this is theory, but no more theoretical than anything coming out of scientists mouths today. It takes me less faith to believe this than most of what they say.

One thing for sure, the world is waxing old....... not evolving.

When noahs flood came and God destoyed the firmament. And it came crashing to earth melting it would have easily covered the earth in water, quickly. Which by the way there is a point 11 miles up which is the perfect tempearture to support a firmament, below freezing yet close enough to the surface of the earth to do something. Also remember the people in noahs time had never seen rain and that noah's ark was not boat shaped, it was coffin shaped.

Anyways, i subscribe to the theory that it was one supercontinent, pangea.

And if you could imagine all that water coming to rest on top of the land, then the land attempting to float, it would have easily busted The Continent into 7 pieces, which are our continents today. Then as the land shifted and water drained off the land, imagine the silt that water would have moved, and the amount of land it would have cut away. Imagine the pressure all that water would have created on the land, causing it to turn to rock in a short period of time. Imagine all the life that would have been washed into small areas, possibly something to do with making our oil reserves.

well i kinda rambled didn't i?

The seasons would have been drastically different, possibly having no seasons, because the firmament would have crfeated a real greenhouse effect. And if we were one continent, we would have been ideally placed, not in the extremes like the poles.
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