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well, had a bad night on friday. practiced light wrestling for about an hour and a half and about an hour in started sweating much more than the work load should have warranted. Gutted out the last 30 minutes but I was basically worthless and feeling very dizzy/nautious. Started throwing up in the showers and that continued for quite a while. Lost 9lbs between the workout and vomitting.

I have a history of systemic yeast infection/diverticulitus that is hereditary. My father had his first of 4 surgeries to repair diverticulitus around 30years old and my grandmother eventually passed away from complications in her old age related to the same thing.

I've done better than either of them thru diet and such but stress is one contributor that I am poor at managing. Being a husband, father of five, business owner/employer of 15 and head wrestling coach comes with a little stress. I should probably lighten my load but nobody will take my kids .

Will be going to the doctor this week so please keep me in your prayers. thanks for taking the time to read. - bodi
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