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Default Matt the Hammer Hamill

Another Spoiler so be aware!

No disrespect to him and i appreicate the troubles he has gone through but man i can see why some people in the house got irriatated with him!

More importantly, as Bisping complained about how hard he goes in training, im not sure he realises sometimes the damage he is doing. I mean, im not sure there was any need to throw them punches at the end, i mean the guy was way gone!

I mean i spoke up for Rampage against Wanderlei, you know its the heat of the moment and perhaps i am being unfair to Hamill but he didnt seem to grasp fully what had happened. Myabe i am being unfair but i wasnt that impressed with him.

I mean Frankilin worked him over wonderfully and he doesnt act all crazy about it!
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