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Default Are you Kidding me?

Possible Spoiler of UFC 96

Now i just watched the UFC 96 and what the hell is going on?!

At the last UFC Josh Koschecks fight was ended for that KO, fair enough, i thought he deserved a chance to fight out of it, others on here with good reason stated that it was the right decsion!

Matt Brown v Pete Sell blows that one out of the water!!! Surely we can see why Josh was mad because the difference is startling.

The punishment Sell had to take was unbelieveable and that was a bad refering! What was going on?!

On the other hand, Matt Brown looked amazing, when he went in for the kill a second time, he scared me, how dangerous he looked!

Hey, heres to hoping Hughes does Serra as badly as that one!!!!!!!!!
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