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Originally Posted by Silverback View Post
The karaoke Boomer set up was a blast, and I had a long day so it was back to Timís for me, made a date with the 2 Christies for breakfast and out the door I went, remember me telling you the placed looked a little hard when I first pulled up, well when I walked outside, I look right across the street and swat was gearing up to go down the street and get someone that was shooting at someone, never a dull moment when Boomer starts to sing in the neighborhood. So we head out for breakfast and I text the 2 Christies and Phillips said she needs some time to get gussied up and I tell her, come on how long does it take to put the bag on your head? Tim. John, and I get done eating and I shoot Matt a text and ask if he wants me to catch up with him later or come by now, and he said come on over. Worked out great because Phillips was staying at the host hotel and I tell her Iím headed there now to see Matt so we will talk there. I run upstairs to see Matt and tell him I was picking E and Mark up at 3:30 at the airport and would be bringing them back to his room to get ready, so he ask me to pick up Dale and his buddy from Hillsboro and I said no problem, so I grab everyoneís tickets and head out. By the way Matt was hanging with Audra and looked like he was ready for the fight. So I head downstairs so we all loaded up and were going to take a ride up in the mountains. We had a blast, ended up back at Timís with just enough time for everyone to get ready and head out, dropped the 2 Christies off, dropped Tim and John off downtown by the venue and head to the airport to pick up E and Mark, along with farmnopoly money lady and her husband, and Dale and his buddy and head back to Mattís room. We get back just in time, Audra was walking out with Mattís banner, seems he had forgotten it, so I told Mark I would run Audra down and would be back to pick them up. So we all get down to the venue and settle down for the fight. Matt came out, he looked great, the fight started and the whole round he looked good, and you all know the rest. Llama said he seen me after and I looked upset, wasnít really upset was just wishing things would had been different for Matt. So I got to the after party and was watching the movie that Boomer had set up, some of the things was like seeing for the first time, didnít have sound, so I will have to go back and watch the interviews with Russell, and Mark, but watching that I realized thatís why I was upset, not because the best Welterweight in UFC history had lost a fight, but my friend didnít get the outcome he had worked and trained so hard for. The after party was great, thanks Boomer for all your hard work, to all the forum members that could not make it, I wished you all could have been there; it was a very good time. The party was coming to a end, so I told E, since she was only going to get a couple hours sleep before they had to get back on a plane and head back, if she and Mark was ready I would drive them back to the hotel, Matt ask me to check with Audra and see if she was ready, and she was, so we get ready, Tony was leaving also, so E and Mark jump in with him, Matt Audra, Pat, and Hogey jump in with me and off we go. We pull up and we all get our hugs and handshakes, and Matt looks at me, after all he had done for me, ask me if he could throw me some money for gas. This is one of the reason I consider Matt a friend, and another reason I consider this, heís Markís twin brother, Thanks you guys.
Great story man! IT was great to hang out with ya for a little bit, Danny. I thank Matt for having a forum full of awesome people that we get the privilege to hang out with every now and then.
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
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