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Landed at about 7:30 am on Friday, flew in with a buddy of mine, John Davis, we picked up the car and off we go, off to Tim’s new place in Denver, Tim was with me in Oakland, he works for Jack Links. So John is the navigator, and trust me he whines like a baby when it comes to food, so first stop was breakfast. So for some reason it took 2 hours to get to Tim’s, oh, did I mention John was the navigator, Tim has only been there for 3 weeks so he had some people working on his new place so he had to stay back and come down later for the weigh in. So off we go to the venue for the weigh in and meet up with Llama, and the 2 Christie's. Matt looked great, jumped on the scale, and it was done, off to the restaurant, the food was excellent, but I forgot to tell you, when I ordered my food the waiter told me to now pick another meal from the menu and the restaurant sends that dish home with you for the same price, I looked at him and said, ‘Yeah that’s a good one’, but he wasn’t kidding, they did. The 2 Christies honored us with their presences at dinner; yes it was a very good dinner, as a matter of fact need to ask Tim how that free meal was, so we all decided to catch up at The Frontier later. We drive back to Tim’s, John hits the couch and Tim turns on the Card’s game, so they wasn’t coming so off I go to," Boomer looks for the next Idol Auditions". Pulled up in the parking lot and thought,”This may be fun”, and, ‘What the hell, I just have to out run Llama”. So walked in and I get a text from Llama, said he had to run back to the hotel and him and Boomer should be there in a little bit, It did run thru my head that, Was this Boomer and Llama’s chance to get rid of me, yes there was 2, 80 year old ladies in the corner winking at me. In walks Boom and Llama, (Boomer walked right up to me and asked about the two back in the corner, I told him I could make that happen for him, and with that he said, and I quote, “Don’t worry about it Silverback, when I start singing they will be like butter in my hands”). People he wasn’t kidding, he can sing, and Llama isn’t no slouch either, that Duet they did, had everyone in the bar looking for a pen, it rivaled a Matt appearance. Steve and his” new wife” was there, the 2 Christies showed up ……….more to come
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