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I feel like I have the greatest gossip ever and can't tell anyone. Ok ok I'll tell y'all and since you don't know these people it won't matter! My friend's sister is a producer for the local NBC station. She has always acted like she is better than her own family even going so far as to wear all black to her mother's wedding just because she thought her mom was getting married too fast. Now she is married to this sort of fat jerk guy who I never really cared for. Well Mrs. Perfect has been having an affair with the most popular new man in town for 10 months! I cannot believe I have some of the greatest gossip ever about two well known locals and cannot even run around telling everyone! I mean the woman who said her kids couldn't be around her own brother because he smokes has been cheating on her husband with a married man! And both of them are leaving their spouses? Gee I wonder how well that is going to go down with your friends at the most uppity church in town? And him? Well he coached Y basketball to a group of kids from a bad area of town and has really nice teeth so I always liked him, until now. Wow I feel so much better now.
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