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Originally Posted by cds
Brute force and good crisp shot. The shot that took Gab down couldn't have been more than a 12" throw.

In a match up between Lesnar and Carwin, I would give the edge to Carwin. The only thing I was curious about Carwin was his chin......well he answered that tonight. He took 2 great shots from Gonzaga and came back to hang and bang.

He definitely has a better chin than Lesnar and he isnt afraid to eat a few in order to give a few.....where as I think Lesnar is.
Lesnar is still a better wrestler than Carwin and Gonzaga, faster, and probably stronger. IMO, Lesnar should put Carwin on his back and go for the G&P. Carwin's a better boxer for sure, it'd be a bad move for Lesnar to stand a bang with Carwin.

I'm definitely interested in seeing this happen.
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